Friday, May 28, 2010

Establishment and maintenance plan for Cedrela toona

Establishment and maintenance plan for Cedrela toona

Abstract of a seminar presentation
Based on a hypothetically formed plantation company
Sadeepa Senarath Yapa

Establishment and maintenance plan for Cedrela toona is prepared by a company named as Evergreen Plantation Limited who is willing to establish a commercial toona plantation in a barren land of upcountry. The company is mainly targeting to obtain a maximum profit by selling toona timber which is popular as a veneer and used for decorative purposes.

This large tree species is a moderate shade demander whose best growth is at the elevation of around 1200m. As we have a barren land of 50ha with no shade trees we have planned to plant Acacia decurrens two years prior to planting toona in the spacing of 4.5m*4.5m. These Acacia plants will be removed completely form the site 7 years after planting them to provide more space for the growing of toona trees.

Land Preparation, planting and other treatments such as weeding, fertilizing, thinning, pruning and pest and disease control will be carried out in a very careful manner in order to obtain maximum volume of timber at the end of the rotation age of 30 years. Fencing and fire lining will be done in the early stages of the plantation establishment to prevent manmade and natural damages to the plantation.

Final stock will be 225 trees per ha which will be removed by shelter wood system to minimize environmental damages which can be occurred in clear felling. Selected trees will be felled, extracted the moved to roadside and transported to the local market.